Abigail (Abby) Hernandez, 15 years old. missing since October 9, 2013 from Conway, New Hampshire

Everyone needs to reblog this & let everyone know. This girl has been missing for over 2 months. At the beginning of November her mother got a letter from her & it is believed that she is still alive. She could still be NH or she could be in a different state.








this is VERY important always reblog

"to clean or to clean?"


Is-is that broomstick taller than him?

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a very confused 9 for your dash

You can see he’s thinking, “WHAT THE FUCK?! IT’S THE SAME SIZE ON THE INSIDE!!”






holy shiz shes never goin down

I’m probably going to cry when the queen dies and I’m american

England will fall

The world will cry when the queen dies.

shes immortal guys wtf are you talking about

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okay im gonna do other shit tomorrow im already mad whoopsies

I need to fucking rant about a lot of stuff so im gonna tag my shit #fuckingrant if you wanna blacklist it for the moment

Yoooo I’ve been tagged by fromprussiawithluv !

1: What’s you’re favorite anime and/or manga?
Excellent question! It’s really difficult to answer, because even though I couldn’t imagine myself drifting away from the APH fandom, it happened… But it’s probably the anime that had the most important impact on my life, and I’m glad.

2: Your OTP?
Since this blog is principally Hetalia, I’ll go with my OTPs from Hetalia! So, I really can’t choose, so I’ll say PruHun (which was the first thing I’ve ever shipped in Hetalia), GerKraine (this is beautiful, really!), Nethmano (yeah another rare ship, and it’s really cute) and Germerica is my BrOTP

3: Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Totally cat, I am uncomfortable near dogs. But really, I’m not the animal kind.

4: What kind of music do you listen to?
Aaaah principally rock, alternative rock and indie!

5: Where was your best vacation?
Hhhh good question! I’d have to say my road trip in the US, it was pretty cool! And a trip with my friends to Toronto!

6: Favorite subject in school?
Used to be English (last year), but this year it’s totally History/Modern World and Physics!! It’s so interesting woah!

7: Favorite video game?
Aaaah, can I say Tetris? I am a hardcore fan of retro, and I like simple games (I am really bad at video games really), and Tetris is perfect, I love the catchy music, and yeah, I love Tetris

8: What country do you live in?
Hehe as if it wasnt clear enough, Canada! I love my country <3

9: Pasta or pizza?
Hhhhh! Aaaah well I like pizza, but I have lactose intolerance so I can’t eat a lot :/ and for pasta, it really depends on the kind! I like pasta salad and pasta with bolognese or rosée (OTL idk the english word) sauce.

10: What anime character are you mentally dating? (you know you have one)
Well depends, sometimes it’s Romano, sometimes Prussia !

11: How many hours a day do you spend on Tumblr? (take a guess)
I almost quit tumblr, to be honest. Sometimes I can go on it for an hour or so (like today) but I really don’t go on it anymore. Used to spend 3hours+ per before though.

And I’m not going to write questions or tag anyone, I just was bored and wanted to talk a bit about myself, so thanks a lot for tagging me! :)

(yeah like I said, I’m almost not on tumblr anymore, and I’m really sad I lost contact with a lot of you, but if you wanna talk again, message me, I’ll probably see it one day I guess :/)




In Germany we don’t say “I don’t care” we say “Das ist mir Wurst” which roughly translates as “This is sausage to me” I think that’s beautiful.

no you don’t understand we actually do say that

i crashed my car into a bridge


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"theres two sides to every story"